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Darknet heroes interview #1 SpeedStepper (Dream market)


Hi, can you make short interview for pages gvibes4u.com? its my starting blog about darknet
hi, icant answer all questions. but sure go on
DM is a new marketplace can you introduce it? Are you planning offer only drugs or also other goods like weapons, services…?                                                                                               hi there, Dream Market is a free Marketplace where people have to be responsible on their own about which products to offer and which products to buy. The idea is that local regulaitons might be to regulatory which is a thread to peoples freedom.Dream Market is the solution.

Is hard to launch Tor marketplace like DM? Wha you have to know for it?
google: set up hidden tor service
its all there my friend


dream market

Dream market front page


Also if somebody wants to launch own marketplace do it on clearnet with sing up gmail 😀
Saw that you offer vendor account without starting fees. You are planning to do it forever?
hi there. dont know if vendor wil be free forever. didnt made up our mind yet